Shofar Horn
The shofar is perhaps the most visible symbol of Jewish religious ceremonies. This ancient horn is played during synagogue services on various occasions – Rosh Hashanah, the fag end of Yom Kippur and on every weekday morning in the month of Elul.

More about Shofar Horn
The shofar horn finds mention in the Hebrew Bible. As per Exodus 19:16, the Israelites trembled in awe as they heard the shofar blow from the thick clouds over Mount Sinai. For someone who is not accustomed to the Jewish traditions, it is safe to say that the Jewish horn or shofar is blown whenever there is a religious ceremony. The sound of the shofar is slightly peculiar because one cannot alter the pitch of its sound. Any alternation in pitch is done by the player, who changes their embouchure.

The horns of the animals in the Bovidae family (except a cow) are used for making the shofar. These horns are chosen because their core is made of cartilage that can be removed easily to create a hollow horn. The rams horn shofar is the most preferred and popular option, but you also find shofars made from the horns of sheep and kudu. The shape of the shofar differs according to the shape of the horn from which it is constructed.

Rams horn shofar selection
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